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Studies show relationships with cell phones take priority over human interaction

Cell phones, tablets, pads, and computers are in every home, in every vehicle, our hand bags and nestled in the palm of our hands. Our growing relationship with technology isn’t surprising as they have become small, portable and attractive. I myself have frequently written that Siri schedules and runs my entire life. However, how much is too much? A survey published by Statista a few months ago shows the more Americans would rather live without sex than to be separated from their mobile device.

To take this a step further, 27% of households are singles, yet over half of the human population, 58% of us, prefer a sleeping companion of the non-human type, meaning our cat or dog. A whopping 44% also sleep with their cell phone. To simplify, we eat, live, breathe and slumber with our cells in favor of actual human interaction. If this info graphic doesn’t raise some eyebrows and make us think a bit more about the future of our species, I don’t know what will.

David Adelman and Alex Hillsberg of FinancesOnline have compiled an entire list of American “oddities”, take a look at what they have found!

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  1. ” shows the more Americans would rather live without sex than to be separated from their mobile device.”

    It’s official, society is doomed! …. or is that just my social life? I’m personally having an affair with Google+. All the good people are there.. It’s how I found you! ( is that cool or just creepy? )

    On the other hand, have you seen the physical condition of 80% of Americans? Something to ponder.

    Thanks for publishing all this. I got a good chuckle.

    By the way, have you ever written an article that takes place on the outside side of a door? I know it rains up there in Seattle, but it would be fun to read something you wrote about the outdoors.

  2. Actually, yes, I have two other sites. I have outdoor recipes, sturgeon fishing story and clamming adventure on the coast. You will find the links in the Farm to Table tab.:)

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